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August 28, 1964 in Delmonico Hotel, New York. (Photo is not real, merely attached to the quote to give a visual.)

   “In the interim, someone suggested that the party might like to do up a little speed. Dylan was shocked.
   ‘No, man,’ he countered. ‘That shit is nowhere. How about a smoke?’
   Looking around the room, Lennon finally piped up, ‘We’ve never actually smoked before. How ‘bout it, lads?’
   Virtually every one of the Brit contingents nodded in silent agreement, then an immediate flurry exploded with people double-locking doors, lighting incense, and otherwise pot-proofing the luxury suit. As Dylan rolled the first of several large joints in his lap he wondered out loud how it was that the Beatles had never toked; after all, in ‘I Want to Hold Your Hand’ they so clearly sing ‘I get high.’
   ‘No, man,’ Lennon corrected him, ‘that was ‘I can’t hide.’’ Just like that, the ultracool Beatles had been effortlessly outhipped by a lanky Jewish kid from small-town Minnesota.
   As the evening wore on, Paul, in particular, seemed mightily impressed with the acute effect of cannabis on the old brain stem. With a flick of the wrist he ordered Mal to follow him around everywhere so that Mal might write down the sage wisdom that uttered from the severely compromised Beatle’s famous oval. The others, fortunately, just sat back and laughed like stoned-out sods they were.” -Geoffrey Guiliano on Bob Dylan’s first meeting with the Beatles.




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holding hands with someone is tha perks of life

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